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White tea: Tea with low caffeine levels

White tea is the most adorable looking tea. White tea is taken from tea leaves that have not grown properly or young leaves. Tea leaves that are still shaped like buds are picked and dried to become white tea. When brewed white tea does not have a color that is too thick and even tends to be almost the same as the color of the water.
White tea has a mild taste. This tea has very low caffeine levels but still has a special taste. White tea usually has a floral scent that is very soothing to the mind. Here 5 health benefits of white tea below:

Improved cardiovascular function


Antibacterial and antiviral

white tea

Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging

Anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing



Bone-density promoting

Bone-density promoting

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I like white tea.
Great article. Very well explained. Thanks for the share.

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