How to Manage Stress with a Simple Tea Meditation

1. Make your tea
Once your tea is made, find a nice quiet place for you to sit and drink it. Once you’ve sat down, take a moment before starting to simply sit with your tea. Notice the aroma of the tea and imagine the delicate balance that had to be kept for the tea to go from being a leaf on a tree to becoming the delightful cup of tea in front of you.

2. Give thanks
Before you begin drinking, take a moment to give thanks for the cup of tea in front of you. Appreciate the cup of tea and everything that had to happen and the careful balance that had to be maintained, for you to experience this amazing cup of tea. Express your gratitude for all those things which helped make your cup of tea a reality, and for a moment expand that thought to yourself and the knowledge that you also depend on infinite living and non-living things to exist as you are now in this moment just as the tea does. Sit with those feelings for a minute or two before beginning.

3. Drink your tea
All you have to do is drink your tea fully with mindfulness. Take it slow, only drinking very small sips at a time. You should be taking your time and really savoring every sip. Specifically, while you drink, your object of concentration can be various things. Fully commit to the act of drinking your tea, whether you’re with someone else or alone. Be fully awake for the practice of drinking your tea, understanding that this moment and this tea will never exist again.

4. Give thanks
Once you’re done, give thanks once again like you did in the beginning.


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This entire meditation absolutely ROCKS! Thank you

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